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We’re very pleased to announce the winners from our first ‘Go Vertical' event!

We had a great weekend with our participants, mentors, volunteers and judges in early June.  It was a really interesting mix of technology, product and business professionals coming together to be creative and work on innovative new machine learning business ideas.  We all made a lot of great new contacts and friends while working long hours, eating great food and enjoying stunning views from Madrona’s offices. In the end we had a range of diverse, data and analytics-driven ideas including employee retention prediction, security surveillance, geographic similarity tools, automated network intrusion detection, optimizing political advertising and intelligent developer tools.  We really appreciate everyone’s help and participation!  Can’t wait for the next ‘Go Vertical’ event.

"I have never been to a better organized and more professional event in my life. This is one of the best, and I have attended quite a few!"

"I never thought that 30 hours of work during a weekend could be so much fun. I love working on startups and this weekend made it clear to me that I should continue to work on startups."

"This event exposed us to unbelievably high-caliber people. The kind of people you would have a hard time imagining how to approach. And I'm talking about everyone, including our fellow participants."


Your Dev Team Rocks. Keep Them Happy.

Team: Ajay Jha, Vijay Bhatia, Devindra Chainani, and Dave Matthews


Real-time Crime Detection As A Service

Team: Vivek Mandava, Deepak Marda, Khalid Siddiqui, Yakov Keselman, and Benji Barash


Helping Businesses Discover New Locations Faster

Team: Pavan Singitham, Prabhakar Srinivasan, Breck Yunits, SuiLin Yap, and Amol Shanbhag